Hearne, TX   

Dexter Express Triple Load+ Laundry

More details to be added

879 N Market St, Hearne, TX 77859

(Next to Stoney's)

10 Stacked 30 lb Express Washer/Dryers

Spins at 200 g instead of the standard 100 g = less drying time!

30 lbs of wash, in and out in an hour

Plus 4 Express 50 lb washers

2 stacked 50 lb dryers (total of four)





Laundry doesn't have to be a "chore" no more!

Cleaned daily
Maximal AC
Video survellience
Open 24/7
$3 for 30 lb Express (spins twice as fast: less drying time!) 200 g vs 100 g
$5 for 50 lb Express
Dry  .25 for 8 minutes in 30 lb dryers
Dry .25 for 5 minutes in 50 lb dryers
In and out around 60 minutes!


Next to Stoney's Liquor