Serving the Four States Region since 1977 - family owned and operated!


Two years old. Cleaned daily.

Easy clean up.

Great location!

Family owned & operated, proven track record for over 35 years.

Gilmer Laundry Facility

Here's an overview of one of the newest facilities serving an East Texas town of 5,274 people. This is the third facility in this town. Ask us what it's averaging a day!

3200 Wood St - Gilmer, TX

  • Stacked 30 lb w/d: 16
  • 50 lb stack dryers: 3
  • 60 lb washers: 2
  • 50 lb washers: 4


Location is key:

üClearly visible

üHigh traffic

üLarge parking

üWell lit exterior for parking and building


Building design:


üAC & heat


üCleaned daily

üFolding tables

üVideo surveillance

üOpen environment

üBright fluorescent lighting

üSignage with usage tips

üLarge windows across front

üContemporary Christian music FM station 

     (click to listen) 


üLayout ensures customer’s view of entrances

Price: $______ (contact us)