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Rearview of our Dexter commercial laundry facilities

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The back section is sealed to keep all hot air from entering the front of the facility.

Fresh air vents are required to ensure the flow of air.

For best access, the front of the machines is 7 feet from the back of the wall. 

Spec sheet link  on equipment is provided below.


We'll be glad to provide you details and share our 35+ years of experience.

IFirst unit on the left is a 40 lb washer.

Water Drain Pit

Water is dumped into a concrete trench. A screen is located on the drain. This needs to be cleaned weekly.

What size water heater is required to best serve your hot water needs?


What are the electrical requirements?

As always, check with local city codes for all requirements.


IIt's essential to have exhaust vented properly.

Going directly out the rear of the facility is your #1 choice. 

Each unit has it's seperate exhaust. The stacked dryers are joined above the machine into one vent.

These are at the heigth that you can still walk underneath easily.

Maximal exhaust length is 20 feet. Each elbow is 6 ft.

You can vent up, if not above 20 ft. It will require more cleaning.


Gas line is ran above the units.

The spec sheets give the gas flow requirements and size of values. 

Each one has cut offs.

Your building, plumbing and other contractors

Seeing one of our existing facilities can assist your team in preparing the building to maximize your investment.

We'll share other tips like using foam pipe pieces to go between your units to seal and act as a shock absorber to prevent metal to metal friction.

Water main: 1 1/2 inch tap.    1 inch lines run for washers

Water heater (depends on # of washers) 2 75 gal at 75000 btu each

Drain: vent the enclosed systems; some cities require lint traps. Photos above are trench drains.

Gas 1 1/2

Ele 3 phase 208 is best, single phase 400 amp (depends on how many units)

Laundry step-by-step directions pdf link