Serving the Four States Region since 1977 - family owned and operated!


Upgrading is an investment.

Family owned & operated, proven track record for over 35 years.

White Oak  

101 N White Oak Rd

(across from High School)

All Dexter Express Washers: spins at 200g instead of 100g = less water in clothes, reduced drying times

16  - 30 lb washer/dryers

  4-40 lb washers  2-60 lb washers      3-50 lb stacked dryers (6)

New owners! Air conditioned, cleaned daily, well lit, video survellience, soap dispenser, dollar changer unit, vending, new chairs and folding tables.

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You can wash your clothes in an average time of 1 hour.


Laundry day does not become a labor day!




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