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Why the Investment with Dexter & WASHCO

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Dexter Laundry Equipment Engineering

Each Dexter machine is manufactured in the United States and features heavy duty components designed to last in a commercial environment. We engineer value into all of our laundry equipment by using high quality commercial grade components, oversized frames, heavy duty bearings and seals, extra large loading doors and more. Built to last, Dexter washer and dryers are designed to be used 24 hours per day - every day of the week if necessary. If you need commercial laundry equipment, you need a Dexter.


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Energy Efficiency and Dexter Laundry

We feel a social responsibility to build commercial laundry equipment that is environmentally friendly. We continue to design laundry products that consume less energy, use less fuel, and incorporate flexible water usage settings.

Dexter Laundry store owners often see utility savings of at least 60% or more due to our energy efficient laundry equipment. With soaring fuel costs, wouldn't you like to make that size of dent in your utility bills?

At Dexter we strive to match commercial washer and dryer performance to achieve greater efficiencies. Our washers spin fast to remove more water from your laundry--saving drying time and energy. A sump-free washer design and flexible cycle programming can also help reduce water consumption. Our dryers perfectly balance heat, airflow and tumbling action to dry fast and efficiently.

Dexter's A-Series washers spin fast! Extracting more water from your wash load saves dryer energy, reduces cycle time and increases laundry production. With a choice of 100 or 200 G force, our washers provide uniform results across all machine sizes. Each A-series washer can operate on single or three phase power. Lower amp draw may also eliminate the need for higher amperage panels when adding machines to a laundry. Dexter's variable frequency technology lowers your installation cost and the continued benefit of lower electricity bills increases your profit every cycle. 


American Made,

Employee Owned.


Dexter Laundry has provided high quality laundry equipment for over 100 years. Today, our employee owned company offers a complete line of front loading washers, dryers, and store management systems helping commercial and on-premise laundry owners and managers experience greater success.

We build every washer and dryer we sell in the heartland of the United States of America, and our heritage is built on delivering value. Unmatched product performance provides store owners maximum profits while minimizing operating expenses. Our technologies deliver energy efficiencies, our robust designs deliver lasting quality, and Dexter Financial Services helps make investing in our equipment affordable.

Our company reinvests millions into the laundry division every year. Our goal is to continuously refine quality while becoming more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Today’s laundry owners are demanding more efficient products that consume fewer utilities. Dexter Laundry leads the commercial laundry industry in incorporating new technologies into our products. We listen to our customers and develop valuable solutions. We promise to help make your laundry project as successful as possible.

Dexter Experience

Dexter Laundry has built great products since 1894 and our Dexter Authorized Distributors have built 1000's of successful laundries around the world.

Years of research, development and continuous improvement have been invested in every Dexter laundry product. Designed to use less energy while making you more money, you'll find Dexter commercial laundry equipment can help reduce your laundry’s operating costs and increase your revenue.

If you are making an investment in the self service laundry business or researching an on-premise solution, Dexter and our Authorized Distributors can deliver the results you demand.

We want to help make your laundry project as successful as possible. Contact us today to profit from our experience.